AQUA Boracay Group

The AQUA Boracay Group is an experienced team of developers committed to:

  • building quality, luxury homes, built with integrity in delivering on every promise;
  • an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of excellence in products, services and workmanship;
  • a corporate responsibility towards ecological sustainability, safety and security;
  • social responsibility towards the community and the world;
  • ethical and responsible management values;
  • fairness and honesty towards business partners, customers and the entire team

It is our goal not just to build properties, but to provide exquisite homes, with an eye on every detail to create a unique vision for luxurious island living.

Our property developments are the fulfillment of your dreams, and with each building block, we turn your aspirations into reality.

The Group has extensive international property sales and development experience in the Philippines, Europe, and Russia, with the most sought-after prime luxury properties in Boracay Island. We believe in hands-on project management, overseeing every aspect of the design, sales, customer service, construction and completion of the property.