yoo hotel


Our management and service team guides the soul of the hotel from the initial design concept, to hotel booking, to the warm smile and guiding hand that comforts guests as they depart our lobby for the airport.

It all ensures an uncompromised hotel experience that carries forward the truth of five-star living. It's a process we like to call 'handcrafting luxury' and it's what will ensure the unwavering guest satisfaction and investment return. yoo Collection vision and philosophy is delivered at every touch point.


Drawing from the experience of the world’s leading design hotel visionaries, yooCollection understands design for the sheer visual delight, but more importantly how the smallest of design elements impact guests' emotions and experience.

No design element is left unconsidered in a yooCollection hotel. The end result is a seamless designed concept inspiring awe and wonderment and never to be forgotten.


yoo Collection offers an uncompromising dedication to guests' every need and want, to create a seamless, flawless service experience mirroring the refined luxury of the hotel.

There is no formula to yoo Collection service. It's all down to intuition, understanding and attuning to guests' needs in every individual moment, to ensure guests are satisfied, and delighted, every time.

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